Image of a little boy and girl sitting at a white table in a garden enjoying a tea party with tea cups, and treats.

15 Best tea party sets for kids on amazon 2022

A kid’s tea party set brings a special kind of giggly, sparkly imagination into your house.

Whether it’s a tea party with stuffed animals, a tea party with dolls, or a tea party with Grandma or Mom or the babysitter, whether it’s a tea party in the sandbox or the playroom or whatever wonderful world your little one can imagine up.

It’s a tea party worth having.

Tea party sets turn our kiddos into princesses and knights, ladies and gentlemen. They stretch our kiddos’ imaginations and give us parents a chance to bond with our favorite tiny humans.

And when you’ve had enough bonding for the day, a stuffed animal or doll tea party might just give you a few minutes to snatch your sanity back.

They also teach our kids manners and social skills. And with the right tea set, your kids can build other important skills like matching, shape and color recognition, and fine motor skills.

We’ve rounded up some of our very favorite tea party sets on Amazon. We hope you find the perfect tea party set for your little one!

1. Best Kids’ Tea Set for Real Liquid (Water, Juice, Milk, Tea)

Image of a stainless steel tea party set with kettle, cups, and other accessories on a stand

Our favorite kids’ tea party set for real liquid is this stainless steel Melissa and Doug tea set. It’s made from food-grade materials, and it’s dishwasher safe! (Yay!! Parenting win!)

It works great with warm or cold liquids. Help your little host or hostess brew some herbal tea or mix up some refreshing lemonade and have a sip!

We also love that this set comes with a handy caddy to store everything. This includes the teapot, two tea cups, two saucers, two stirring spoons, a creamer container, a sugar bowl, and tongs. Everything is all in one place.

One parent pointed out that this is a “terrific set to help with fine motor skills, hanging the tea cups on the hooks, fitting the spoons in the ring on the side, and so on.”

Remember those tongs? Also great for working on those fine motor skills! So this awesome set will help more than just your child’s imagination to grow.

2. Best Wooden Set

Image of a small light wooden tea set with green accents includes cups, saucers, a platter, and teapot

When looking for the best wooden tea set for kids, we found this beautiful wooden tea set from Hape. It is made with “formaldehyde-free glues, organic pigments, and water-based dyes.” So it’s totally safe for your kids!

You get service for two with a teapot, sugar bowl, milk pitcher, and two of each essential for happy guests. You get tea cups, saucers, stirring spoons, tea bags, and adorable sugar cubes. (Did we mention how much we love the sugar cubes?)

Just make sure you keep the tiniest pieces away from tiny mouths! We don’t want any choking. The pieces are perfectly sized for little hands, something to keep in mind if you hoped for a bigger set.

One caveat here is that we don’t recommend using liquid in this tea party set. It seems the manufacturers don’t either since the tea pot’s spout is stopped up.

You physically can’t pour liquid from the teapot, unless it’s imaginary that is. And what some parents might count as a caveat, others might count as a win. No liquid, no mess. Another parenting win.

Because this tea set is wooden and not painted, it’s incredibly durable. The wood will last and the non-existent paint won’t chip. You might even be able to pass this tea set down when your kiddos are grown!

3. Best Porcelain Set

Image of a porcelain tea party set with mint green colors in a pink box including tea cups and teapot for kids

If your little girl or boy is ready to move on to a porcelain tea party set, we love this sweet porcelain tea set from Bright Stripes. It comes in mint with white accents and silver edging or pink with white accents and gold edging.

Bright stripes’ porcelain tea set offers service for four with a teapot and lid, sugar bowl and lid, creamer, and four tea cups and saucers.

Bright Stripes packages the set in an adorable storage case that’s a great home for your tea set between tea parties. We love tea sets, and toys in general, that come with built-in storage!

Since this set is porcelain, your littles will likely need some supervision at their tea parties, but what a great opportunity for some quality bonding time! This amazing grandma definitely thought so, and we just love her helpful review!

“This set is better than I even thought from the photos. It comes packaged extremely well. The porcelain set itself has its own case, and each piece fits in its own protective area. The case is very sturdy with a handle and a metal clasp that holds it closed securely. “The set itself is small and perfect for little girls,”

and we think it would be perfect for tea party-loving little boys too!

“It’s a lovely blue with white stars painted lightly here and there over the surface. It’s a complete set for four, which is nice since most of the ones I was finding were for just two.”

And if you’re wondering if this set is good for real, child-sized tea parties, this grandma says it works wonderfully!

“The set says it is intended for play only. It is made of good, heavy porcelain though, and I used it for an actual tea. I let the tea cool for a bit before pouring it into the little tea pot. I also put cream in the cream pot and sugar in the sugar pot and served it with cookies. They absolutely loved it. Actually stirring real tea, cream, and sugar in real cups and drinking it. The start of a new weekly tradition.”

What a dedicated, fun grandma to have weekly tea parties with her grandchildren!

She also says the tea set cleans up easily and that she highly recommends it. Her conclusion? “These types of moments are priceless.” We love that! And it’s so true!

Time with our littles goes so fast, and we love any opportunity to spend more of that time making memories with them! This sweet porcelain tea set could be a great way to make some extra special memories together.

4. Best Metal Tea Set

Image of a tin tea party set with pink colors, saucers, and tea cups for kids to play with

One of our favorite metal tea sets is the Melissa & Doug stainless steel tea party set above, but we also love this adorable fairytale tin tea set from Lucy Locket. It’s adorably decorated with sweet fairies and bugs, and since it’s tin, you don’t have to worry about chipping porcelain.

This tea set has service for four with a teapot, tray, and four tea cups, saucers, and refreshment plates. It also comes in a sweet cardboard suitcase to store all the pieces together. Just make sure to remind your little princess to be gentle with the case if you’re hoping to keep it for long-term storage.

We also love that this company makes a gender-neutral woodland-themed tea set. It’s perfect for teddy bear tea parties!

Here’s one mama’s helpful review:

“This is a wonderful toddlers’ tea set. It has excellent quality and superb attention to detail. Everything is made of tin, so it’s durable and will withstand falls and toddlers’ hands. The carry case is made of hard construction board, so it’s quite nice. The metal latch works well, and the plastic handle seems strong.

“The plates can hold a cookie. The tea cups can hold about 2 oz. of liquid. The tea cup itself can hold about 4-5 tea cups of liquid, so about 8-10 oz.. You can use hot or cold liquids too.”

Just remember that if you use liquids with this tea set, you will want to avoid rust by wiping it dry when the tea party is over. You can use a small washcloth over a straw or bottle brush to dry hard-to-reach areas like the spout of the teapot.

5. Best Plastic set

Image of a plastic tea set with red tea cups, yellow tea spoons, blue saucers, and a blue tea pot for kits tea party

Our favorite plastic tea party set for kids has to be this one made from recycled plastic by Green Toys. We loved it so much, that we bought the pastel pink version for our daughter, and it’s been everything we hoped it would be!

It’s BPA-free and actually made from recycled milk jugs, so it’s completely safe for your kids to put in their mouths and it’s great for Mother Earth as well.

The set includes service for four with a teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, and four tea cups, saucers, and spoons in bright primary colors. Parents and grandparents alike say the plastic this set is made from is durable, and they absolutely love that this set is dishwasher-safe, and we agree!

This plastic tea set works beautifully for indoor or outdoor tea parties! Several parents say it has a permanent home in their sandboxes.

We loved this idea so much that we wrote an entire post on backyard tea parties and sweet shops. When your kiddos are done with their summer fun, bring the tea set inside and throw it in the dishwasher so the tea party fun can continue.

Here’s a helpful review from a mom who loves this set:

“We have quite a few Green Toys trucks and really like the quality, so when I saw the tea set I was intrigued. We don’t actually use it for tea…we’re more of a cocoa and cider type of family.

“We’ve put it in the dishwasher, top rack, multiple times with no issues. I use my Keurig and put it directly into the tea pot and let it cool to a safe temp. My 4 year-old can usually pour without spilling, and my 2 year-old does pretty well too.

“I know some people complain about the holes in the sugar bowl. I think these holes are for safety reasons.” We really want to highlight this point. “The manufacturers want to make sure your kiddos can still breathe if they put the sugar bowl over their mouth and nose. This hole is also really fun for water play in the bath tub or kiddy pool. Who says your tea party has to be a dry affair?”

But if you do want to opt for a more traditional tea party, here’s what our helpful Amazon reviewer suggests:

“Here’s some simple solutions. They could just use their imaginations and not have any sugar in the bowl at all, or you could use sugar cubes, or marshmallows for the cocoa instead.”

We love these ideas and think other cocoa mix-ins like Hershey’s kisses or candy cane pieces would taste great as well!

6. Best First Tea Set For Baby

image of a pink plush tea party set for babies complete with treats, tea cups, and a teapot

In our research, we found some adorable plastic tea sets that looked pretty promising for baby, but we ultimately decided they were more suited to the toddler crowd. So we’ll get to that in a moment.

Our favorite first tea set for baby has to be this plush one from the brand Mud Pie. There are so many positives to this set being plush! Your sweet baby won’t get hurt when the inevitable saucer-head collision happens. Your wood floor won’t get scratched when they drop the pieces.

The set is so snuggly! And if you need to, you can put the whole set in your washing machine on the delicate cycle to get it clean. We recommend skipping the dryer though and setting the pieces out to dry to maintain their adorable shapes.

This sweet set comes with a teapot, two tea cups, two saucers, a yummy cupcake (Trust us, your little one will definitely be tasting it!), a slice of cake, and an embroidered picnic basket to carry it all! Just perfect for baby’s first tea party with Grandma or Mom!

You could also pair this set with the My First Baking Set also by Mud Pie for even more fun. Or if you’re looking to expand the menu at your little’s plush tea party, you will love this plush basket of bread and pastries by Hape. We love the longevity of plush toys, and we think they also make great quiet toys for places like waiting rooms or churches.

7. Best First Tea Set for Toddler

Image of a multicolored tea party set with pastries box and pastries, tea cups, teapot, saucers, and a stand for pastries

The best first tea set for your toddler has to be this adorable plastic tea set by Leap Frog. Make sure you opt for the deluxe version to get all the learning perks and playability we’re going to talk about here!

This musical set comes with—an off switch! (Do you know how excited we are about that?) But really, let’s talk about all the adorable pieces this tea set includes.

You’ll get service for four with a very smart, musically inclined teapot (more on that later), a cake stand, cardboard cupcake storage box, cake server, six slices of cake, four cupcakes, two napkins, and four cups, plates, and very large forks, great for preventing your toddler from gagging or choking themselves mid-tea party.

So now let’s get down to the details. This musical teapot has three modes: off (Yay!), music, and learning. When the switch is set to off, you get some precious peace and quiet.

When the switch is set to music, your kiddo gets to hear a classic tea party soundtrack with seven cheerful songs. And when the switch is set to learning, your kiddo gets to practice skills like counting, color recognition, and matching.

The teapot has an adorable heart-shaped window through which your little can watch tea splashing and sloshing around. It will look and even sound (There’s a great pouring sound effect.) like your kiddo is filling their guests’ cups with tea. The tea in the pot also changes colors, so your toddler will have six different flavors to offer on their tea party menu.

Are you excited yet? Because there’s more! Your toddler can practice fine motor skills by placing the cupcakes and cake slices on the cake stand and using the cake server to place yummy treats on their guests’ plates. The included cake slices also correspond to the colors of the six flavors of tea, so your toddler can play matching while they serve.

There’s also a great opportunity to teach patterns here. Grandma gets her tea, a slice of cake, and then a cupcake. Now Daddy gets his tea, a slice of cake, and then what? You can also work on counting the two napkins, four cups, or six slices of cake. So many learning opportunities here!

We love that this toddler tea set is perfect for boys and girls! And it seems age doesn’t matter either. Countless parents and grandparents have left reviews stating that older siblings and cousins willingly join toddler tea parties when they see how much fun this tea set is!

One grandma even said she bought two sets, one for her granddaughter and one for herself so they could have Zoom tea parties together. So sweet, right?

One concern that almost everyone has about this set is that the cardboard cupcake storage box doesn’t last long. But does that surprise any of us? If it does, you haven’t met my toddler!

We think there are a few great solutions to this problem though. You could throw the box away from the beginning, avoiding any future tantrums when you have to throw away the destroyed box. You could just throw all the pieces into a big bin of toy food and dishes like we probably will.

Or you could turn this into an art project. You can order these sweet pastry boxes from Amazon and let your toddler decorate a new one when the old one gets too worn and torn. We love the possibilities for customizing here! Can you imagine the adorably crayon-decorated bakery boxes that say, “Ellie’s Bakery,” or “Aiden’s Sweet Shop”?

8. Best Gender Neutral Set

Image of a plastic tea party set with yellow cups, blue saucers, green tea spoons, and a red tea pot

We’ve already highlighted some amazing gender-neutral tea sets in this post like the set from Melissa & Doug, the wooden tea set from Hape, the tin woodland-themed tea set from Lucy Locket, and the recycled plastic tea set from Green Toys. But we have another favorite to add to the list! Another great gender-neutral option is this plastic tea set from Kidzlane.

This cute set comes in bright primary colors and is made from BPA-free, food-safe plastic. It can withstand hot temperatures. One reviewer even bought the set to use the little tea cups as espresso mugs.

So whether you’re drinking warm tea with your kiddos, throwing the set in the dishwasher for a quick clean, or taking an espresso break, this set will hold up for you.

Parents and grandparents have bought this tea set for boys, girls, and siblings sets. But honestly, whether your kiddo wants a set like this one or one decorated with unicorns or ladybugs or teddy bears, we’re here for it and just hope they enjoy the tea party!

9. Best Self-contained Set

Image of a self-contained tea set with a clear tea pot containing a multicolored tea set with cups, cutlery, and trea

Again, we’ve already shared some self-contained tea set options with you in the stainless steel Melissa & Doug tea set with its handy storage caddy and the Lucy Locket tin tea sets that come in cute storage suitcases. But for another option that’s made from plastic, here’s the Boley Kitchen Toys Tea Party Set.

This awesome tea set comes in a giant plastic teapot. Don’t worry, it has a smaller plastic teapot inside that’s to scale with the rest of the set. Both teapots can hold water though if you choose to use them both for serving.

The set includes service for four with plates, cups, and silverware. You’ll get the typical creamer and sugar bowl as well and some tasty pretend pastries to add to the tea party fun.

We also love the bright gender-neutral colors of this set. So much fun for everyone! And it all fits back into the big teapot when the fun moves on to a new kind of party!

10. Best Kids’ Tea Set With Extra Dishes

Full service kitchen set complete with tea party set. Contains dishes and a dish drying rack for kid's tea party.

If you’re looking for a tea set with extra dishes or just a play dish set that includes a tea set, we love this full set of kitchen dishes from Battat. This dishes and tea set includes everything your kiddo will need to host guests for tea, dinner, and dessert!

The set comes with 71 pieces made from BPA-free plastic. Parents and grandparents consistently describe the set as durable and say some of the pieces like cookie cutters, pastry wheel, and rolling pin really work.

This dish and tea set includes service for four with a teapot, creamer, sugar bowl and lid, tea cups, saucers, soup bowls, dinner plates, dessert plates, drinking glasses, and cutlery that includes teaspoons for your tea party.

The set also includes pots and pans with lids, cooking utensils, and a pasta strainer. And as we mentioned above, you will also receive some fun baking tools like a mixing bowl, stirring spoon, rolling pin, pastry wheel, cookie cutters, and mixer.

This awesome set also includes a dish drainer to store all of that cutlery and those cups, bowls, and plates.

WE love that this dish and tea set includes all the essentials you’ll need to stock your play kitchen! It’s made in bright and cheerful gender-neutral colors as well.

Here’s a rave review from a mom who bought this set for her little girl: “My child absolutely loves these dishes, which I purchased in the hopes she would stay out of the real dishes.

When these came, I was thrilled to find the colors are very vibrant and everything is well-made without any defects that could harm a toddler. There are enough pieces for the entire family to sit down for ‘dinner’ and all the dishes to cook it as well! And that is after everybody has some ‘tea.’

“It is not only my own child who loves these dishes, but other children come over and they are the first thing they get out and play with. We’ve taken them in the bath as well, and I have washed them a couple of times with zero change to the quality (My child sometimes uses the utensils to eat her actual food with). Now I want to get the other colors available and set her up an entire kitchen. They will definitely be a toy she plays with over the years if the older children’s interest in them says anything.”

This set sounds like a winner to us! We know we’ll be buying play dishes and pots and pans, and we love that this set comes with a matching tea set! Everything is all in one place and of great quality! We’re all for it!

11. Best Budget Tea Set

image of a cute tea party set with yellow cups, green saucers, green tea kettle, and utensils for kids tea party set.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly tea set, maybe because kids tend to be rough on toys or maybe because you just want a tea set to hold you over until your little one is ready for an authentic porcelain tea set of their own, try this inexpensive plastic tea set from Joyin.

Whatever brought you to look at this budget tea set, we think it’s a great option! This plastic set provides service for five! We know, crazy, right? In all of our research, this is the first set we’ve found with service for more than four guests.

So this is also a great set for extra big tea parties! It includes a teapot, creamer, sugar bowl, five tea cups, saucers, and spoons in pink, yellow, and green.

A mama named Lisa wrote this incredibly helpful Amazon review for this set: “This little set is amazing! I’m very impressed with so many things about it. First off, it’s an actual usable size for kids and is both food safe and dishwasher safe. It’s plastic, so it won’t break like porcelain can.

“The spoons have actual depth to them so they can hold fluid, powdered drink mixes, marshmallows, sugar cubes, or whatever else your little ones want to mix in their cups.”

We are loving these suggestions and know that these spoons work so well for kids’ tea parties!

Some parents say they’ve had issues with the teapot or creamer leaking, but our helpful reviewer Lisa didn’t have any issues.

She even filled the teapot with water, clipped the lid on (Isn’t it so amazing that the lid clips on? That’s also a first in our research!), covered the spout with her finger, and tipped the whole teapot upside down. Not a drip! So if you order this set, you might want to do a similar test and consider exchanging if you see any leaking.

Lisa also gave some very helpful measurements so you can see just how much each piece of this tea set can hold. She says the “spoon holds 1/2 teaspoon, cup holds 1/3 cup (3 fluid ounces), tea pot holds 1 1/2 cups (12 fluid ounces), creamer holds just under 1/3 cup (2.8 fluid ounces),” and the “sugar bowl holds just over 1/4 cup (2.5 fluid ounces).”

So as Lisa pointed out, this set is definitely usable for a kid’s tea party! And you can’t beat the price for what you get!

12. Best Kids’ Tea Set With Treats

image of a little girl holding a pastry as part of the tea set complete with cutlery, cupcake stand, tea cups, and serving platter for kids tea party set

No tea party is complete without treats, whether they’re pretending or actually melt in your mouth. We’ve compiled a separate list of our favorite tea party treat and dessert sets, but if you’re looking for a set that includes the sweets, we love this all-inclusive tea set with a dessert stand and treats from Kididdo.

This cute tea set is tin with plastic play desserts and a three-tiered cake stand. The set includes service for four with a teapot, creamer, sugar bowl, serving tray, dessert stand, pastry server, four saucers, coasters, tea cups, and two forks and spoons. The tea party desserts include an assortment of fourteen macaroons, cake slices, and muffins.

The tea cups come with sweet little cardboard inserts that look like swirling coffee, cocoa, or tea. These inserts might not last long, but many parents say their kids prefer playing without them.

If they don’t last as long as your kids would like, you can always help them trace one of the inserts onto cardboard or card stock and cut them out. Then they can decorate them to be whatever flavor of beverage they’d like.

One concern that many parents have is that the cake stand tends to fall apart. A genius mom named Alexandra says she super glued the set together though, which solved that problem!

We think this set is adorable and perfect for high tea! A grandma who bought the set for her three-year-old granddaughter agrees with us. She says,

“I am so happy I found this set. The three-tiered tray is adorable. You know, when you have tea at the Plaza, this is how it is served, so I had to start the practice now in preparation for the real thing. The macaroons are adorable and all different colors. The muffins are an excellent size. The tray and saucers/cups are just sweet and durable, too.”

We love the idea of this grandma getting her granddaughter ready for a real high tea party! How sweet is that?

13. Best Kids’ Tea Set with Serving Table

Image of a cute pink table with multicolored tea set complete with condoments, food, and eating utensiles with kid's tea party set

While tea parties are fun on a blanket in the living room or in the kiddie pool, we love that this plastic tea set from Funerica comes with a collapsible serving table! The legs come off the table and store inside with the tea set and dishes, and play cutting fruit. Too easy!

This set comes with service for four with a teapot, a tea cup and saucer you could use as a sugar bowl, and four regular cups, plates, spoons, forks, and knives. It also includes a cutting board, knife, bowl, and serving ladle to make and serve a tasty fruit salad for tea party guests!

Your kiddo can slice apart the apple, orange, strawberry, kiwi, banana, lemon, and star fruit and stick them back together with the hook and loop tabs. They can strengthen their fine motor skills as they practice cutting and matching as they put the pieces back together!

The main concern people seem to have with this set is that the “lid” or tabletop doesn’t snap on tight. This issue doesn’t stop anyone from enjoying the set though. One grandma says,

“I purchased this little tea set for my granddaughter who is 2 1/2.She is delighted to host a tea party for her family and stuffed animals. The table is a perfect height for adults and kids to sit around on the floor (9.8 inches). The colors are pretty and bright. I researched tea sets for hours and am very happy I chose this one. I would buy it again for future grandkids.”The only negative thing about this set is that the lid sits on top but doesn’t snap on. I will probably tie a big ribbon or string around the set to keep the lid on. For me, it still deserves a top rating.”

We love the suggestion of tying a pretty ribbon or string around this set. You could also use a pretty belt, long scarf, or a ribbon with a hook and loop or snaps at the end. Whatever you choose, your littles will get plenty of fine motor practice learning to clean up their set!

Other parents say that the lid sitting on top without snapping in hasn’t been a problem for them. The table is sturdy, and the dishes won’t fall out unless your kiddo deliberately dumps the table. (This would so be my kid!)

Another thing we love about this set is that the company that makes it, Funerica, is a small, family-owned business based in the USA. They say they’re willing to work with customers beyond the normal 30-day guarantees other companies offer. They truly care about their customers’ satisfaction, and we totally respect them for that!

14. Best Educational SET

Multi-colored tea party set with numbers and shapes on each tea cup, and the tea kettle.

We love toys with lots of playability, but we especially love those toys when they have extra educational value. This Learning Resources Serving Shapes Tea Set has so many possibilities for learning!

This set includes a teapot with five tea cups and saucers. Each tea cup is imprinted with a number and a shape that matches to a saucer. So your kiddos can practice number recognition, counting, shape recognition, and matching.

The set’s bright colors are also great for learning color names and more matching practice!

Something else we love about this set is that it’s self-contained—all the cups and saucers fit inside the teapot! While we love this for storage purposes, we also love that it helps kids practice spatial reasoning as they fit all the pieces back into the teapot.

Parents are also having fun stacking the tea cups with their toddlers. One of my toddler’s favorite games is stacking things up and knocking them down. Not only does this make her laugh every time, it’s helping her practice balance and learn how gravity works.

Professional therapists and teachers have bought, loved, and reviewed this tea set as well. One therapist wrote this review about some of the skills this tea set helps her young clients with:

“Cute little tea pot set that I purchased to use in therapy. It’s great for working on colors, shapes, and matching as well as fostering pretend play skills and teaching vocabulary like pouring, storing, and drinking.”

We love how much natural learning comes from playing with this tea set!

Parents, grandparents, other relatives, and family friends are also thrilled that this tea set doesn’t require batteries and doesn’t make sound! They are thrilled with the screen-free play this set provides.

Babies on up love this set for different reasons, and with so many skills to practice and strengthen, the set grows right alongside your kids!

If you’re looking for a sweet and educational treat to add to this set, we recommend Learning Resource’s adorable jar of Smart Counting Cookies. Each cookie has a number imprinted on the bottom with the corresponding number of chocolate chips on top, great for number recognition and counting!

15. Best Tea Set for Teaching Kids About Real Tea

Image of wooden tea party set for kids with blue accents and red handles. Includes treats and tea bags.

For those tea aficionados out there who want to share their love of tea with the next generation, this Melissa & Doug Steep and Serve Wooden Tea Set is a wonderful choice!

The set includes six different tea bags with labeled tags to identify them and a tea caddy with descriptions of different teas.

This tea set includes a teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, dry erase menu card, and service for two with a teacup, spoon, and cookie for each guest. Sweet and simple!

Parents do say that the strings on the tea bags come untied and need to be fixed occasionally. As your kids get older, this could be a great opportunity for them to practice tying and work on those fine motor skills!

Another thing to consider here is that while this toy is great for teaching about different teas, it’s not great for tasting different teas.

The paint on this wooden tea set doesn’t hold up well to regular use with liquids. If you’re looking for a tea set that’s better for tasting, you might consider the stainless steel tea set also from Melissa & Doug.

We do love the cute tea bags that accompany this set though and haven’t found this variety in any other play tea sets! What a great way to let your littles mimic your love for tea!

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We hope you found the perfect tea set for your child, but if you want some more inspiration, check out some more articles!

And while you’re here, take a look at some cute tea party books, tea party dress-ups, and tea party play food to add to your tea set and your kiddo’s imagination for the perfect party. We hope your tea party is perfectly splendid!

(Reviews were edited for clarity and length—and my grammar-obsessed sanity.)

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