Parenting can feel a lot like gathering little scraps, and hoping you can make something that makes sense.

We’re totally figuring things out as we go, and we’re good with that.

We know the things that matter most to us —education, hard work, respect, love, faith, family, and fun — and want to share that with you. Please join us in this community so we can all help each other!

Feel free to pull your feet up on the couch, and feel free to stay a while.

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Welcome to Parent Scraps where we write for parents who love quality toys and quality time with their kids.

We’re just here living our lives, but we want to share a few helpful things with you as we come across them.

Our names are Brooke and Adam, and since we were kids we dreamed about becoming a mom and a dad (it’s true!). Well, here we are living our dream!

We want to write this blog to share our personal experiences as parents.

We love being parents! And sometimes we hate being parents. But mostly… we love being parents.

We’ve recently rediscovered our love for toys. Because, well, we seem to have a lot of them at our house these days. We love seeing our little girl’s eyes sparkle when she connects with a toy. We love it, even more, when that toy is educational, whether it’s teaching her numbers and colors or self-confidence and compassion!

As parents, we spend hours researching the best toys by sifting through reviews, reading through features, and comparing different products.

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